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I love hanging out with HS Seniors. I love the energy, you know its amazing to get to meet so many young adults getting ready to change the world! More than anything I love showing them how I see them. How their beauty shines in their confidence, their humor, their passions. I want them to see that their beauty is not found in their perfections, but in their flaws, their eccentricity, their dreams and how they love and treat others. I’m always amazed when I leave a session. I can’t remember being so grown or knowing what I wanted and how I was getting there. I love that I get to see mom light up watching her daughter get her Hair and make-up done, or cry when she realizes that its getting all too close. I’m in awe that I get to be a part of that. Just two years ago I chose to specialize in High School Seniors, and its been wicked awesome! Thank you, thank you…thank you, to all of you that have helped me become one of Southern Maryland’s Premier High School Senior Portrait Photographers, you’ll never know just how grateful I am to be living a dream!
Random Stuff about me  
Coffee is the way to my heart. I’m from CT and miss crisp Fall bonfires on the river, good pizza, buttered hard rolls and grinders.  I have three cute kids and a hard working husband. We own a fixer upper, and it feels like we will never be done.