I’m in love….

My little James just passed 2 months, and maybe its the fact that I’m finally getting some sleep and coming out of my pregnancy fog. But I have to say he is pretty awesome. I really have enjoyed this stage with him, holding him and watching him sleep. He just started cooing at me and it just melts my heart every time he grins and coo’s.    3 4 5 c1  Its a pretty amazing thing being a mom, seeing a child grow and change. Phoebe my three year old is so amazing, changing and learning something new everyday, she has become so sweet and loving as she has left behind the terrible two’s and become my big helper. 7 DSC_3932Where she has left behind the terrible two’s my little middle Felicity has picked up. Don’t let her looks fool you she can pack quite a punch and go from sweet little princess to monster in a half a second… 6 9

DSC_4042 DSC_4080As you can imagine things here get hectic and my thoughts get jumbled and everyday seems to fly by before I seem to get anything done. At the same time so many things have been made clear to me. I love photographing people, but more than that children. I wasn’t sure what I wanted my focus to be on when I opened Charles Street Photography. recently though I have found that what comes so natural to me is capturing those little or not so little people we love so much, weather they be 1 or 17. Kids are amazing, attitudes in all. So with all that said I think a mini session for kids is in order, just in time for Christmas. November 9th and 10th location and details will be announced soon on Facebook and the blog so be watching only 4 spaces available each day!


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