Reflecting on the past year and my goals for 2014 southern Maryland Photographer

So another year has past, and tonight as I bring on the new year cuddling with my hubby and watching some James Bond movie or another, I want to wish all my clients and friends a Happy New year. Its been an amazing year for me, I took some really big steps, Closing my floral business last December and embarking on my photography journey. Welcoming Baby James in June …Figuring out what I really loved to photograph. Starting some big house renovations and planning the studio for next year. Its been busy, amazing and a bit scary at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. DSC_1496

I always make a new years resolution, do you? I think mine from last year was to keep an empty sink…….(yeah …well I made it to February …maybe)  This year I have 2 the first is personal, I have pretty distant with most of my family for over  a decade now, and after my Nana past 2 years ago I have been lamenting about that distance.  I am not going to waste time any more.  I’m going to let my family know that I love them and what they mean to me and keep in touch. The other is business related. I know where I want to take CSP and that High School Seniors are definitely my  favorite subject to photograph, that children’s portraiture is a very close second and some times they change places. I’m going to be offering styled session this year and for the childrens portraits themed styled sessions, I’ll have more info on that soon. I found that Maternity sessions are  equally  wonderful. These are going to be my main focuses, does that mean I will turn down a family session…No way I still love those too. Does that mean I’ll be turning down another wedding…I’m going to say yes and please check out Birds of a Feather, Maggie and Betty are amazing! The hard one newborns, this one is hard because I love babies, unfortunately those newborn photographs with the baby, so sweetly sleeping on a blanket naked, seem to evade me. I tend to lean toward lifestyle for my newborn sessions, but can steer you in the right direction if you are looking for the other style of newborn photography. Below is what you can expect from a newborn session with me.

c1 3 16 19 11 10  2    DSC_1428


I also wanted to share my favorite images from the year….Check the website January 1st for the all new site!Ellie1175




070-2 103-2 chandler4web Chandler3web DSC_0757 g4 DSC_1496 lj13 Alice14 Alice16 c1 c12 GF3ab tf20 t2 tf41web v11 v13 be6web be12web DSC_9197 DSC_9332 l1 l2 2 11 6 DSC_9006 glj7bw glj9 Alice15 ellie2 038wes

Thank you for a great year!

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