New Year new website…blog look update soon! Southern Maryland photographer


New Logo do you like it?  So I literally spent about 5 minutes on my last logo , this one was more thought out. I wanted a logo that meant something to me, a logo that has a personal connection for me. I grew up getting Raggedy Ann and Andy books with cute whimsical images and birthday wishes.  These books came from my great uncle Worth and great Aunt Suzanne , worth was the son of the creator of Raggedy Ann  Johnny Gruelle .  I have always been fond of Johnny Gruelles style of illustrating. Its beautiful and playful. I used one of his images as inspiration, and mixed it with a cover of a favorite Raggedy Ann book.

The-Careless-Nail-Biter DSC_0089



Whats different on the web site?  Since determining that Senior portraits are going to be a main focus, I wanted a  whole new section for them…still looking for some high school bloggers….!about1/c1ywx

The entire website has been redone with changes to the blog coming soon. This year I also opened my etsy shop which is barley up and running but should be full by the end of the month. Its going to be a crazy fun year and I have lots of plans for styled shoots. I have some great Reps and I’m excited to see what this year brings .




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