Birthday Mini sessions

I love photographing kids, I know I know I say these things a lot but well its true, and nothing drives that home like not having a favorite type of session in months. Then it pops up and afterwards your reminded of home much fun they are.  birthdayKids are so real, they complain when they are uncomfortable, they laugh when they are happy and pout when they are not. I love that honesty. I love these sessions… So I’ve said it enough now ! My normal sessions run over an hour and they are not for everyone, some people are too busy or just don’t think their kids will make it that long, I get it I have three kids 4, 2 and 8 months and they are done when they are done, even bribery eventually doesn’t work , see picture of my now 4 yr old below, that’s a yeah I’ve done this forever now are we done yet and this candy in my mouth is good but I’m still not going to smile because I’ve had my fill face…


I decided mini session should be available for birthday sessions, its a great way to document year to year changes, they grow so quickly, and as parents I think we are so busy we forget how much time has gone by. I’m currently booking through June.

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