Rachel Senior rep 2015 { Southern Maryland Senior Portraits }

Rachel is one of those people that you just know are going to make things happen. Shes amazing, funny nice out going and I can tell from getting to know her Mom were she gets it from. I’m so happy that they are apart of my rep program. I had a hard time editing this session I kept bouncing back and forth between shots, they were all great it was so hard to pick. So I hope you enjoy the ones I picked to share…I may have to add more later.  I’m looking forward to seeing big things happen for this girl!

DSC_4431_edited-1DSC_4427DSC_4408DSC_4488_edited-1 DSC_4493_edited-1 DSC_4510_edited-1 DSC_4516_edited-1 DSC_4541_edited-1 DSC_4556_edited-1 DSC_4561_edited-1 DSC_4583_edited-1 DSC_4595_edited-1 DSC_4619_edited-1 DSC_4627_edited-1

One thought on “Rachel Senior rep 2015 { Southern Maryland Senior Portraits }

  1. It was great meeting and working with you, Alycia. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and for all the thought and care you put into Rachel’s first session with you. Your friendly disposition and sweet spirit made it a pleasure to work with you, not to mention you’re a fabulous photographer! I absolutely LOVE all of the photos. Can’t wait for the upcoming shoot, it’s sure to be fantastic!


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