Madi Senior Rep 2015 {Southern Maryland Senior Portraits}

Poor Madison had to hike Gilbert run to get this session done. I kind of put everyone to work Her mom was gracious enough to carry the chair through the woods and Brooke was sweet enough to help with the reflector. I’m so glad Madison is such a daring person ;)…ok maybe not daring but at the very least willing to jump in the water and get a few awesome shots.

I’m excited to be getting together this weekend for our large styled shoot with all my reps, with clothing from the awesome Amalgamated Clothing and Dry goods ( check them out) and a great 1956 truck from John Vannatta..check back for peaks from that shoot next week.

vvvvDSC_5699_edited-1 DSC_5688 DSC_5626 DSC_5624_edited-1 DSC_5609_edited-1 DSC_5595_edited-1 DSC_5593_editedg-1 DSC_5538_edited-1 DSC_5520_edited-1 DSC_5514_edited-1 DSC_554m2wehb

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