Senior Portraits {Southern Maryland Senior Photographer}

You all know it I love photographing seniors. I have been so crazy busy this summer I haven’t had a chance to blog about them. I decided one blog post filled with my favorite images from my senior sessions was the way to play catch up and share with you some of my favorite moments.

I have just started booking fall dates but they will go fast since they are limited dates. Book soon for the fall its always the busiest time of the year for me since families are getting ready for Christmas cards.

2014-08-11_0017 2014-08-11_0036  2014-08-11_0038 2014-08-11_0039 2014-08-11_0040 2014-08-11_0041 2014-08-11_0042 2014-08-11_0043 2014-08-11_0044 2014-08-11_0045 2014-08-11_0046 2014-08-11_0047  2014-08-11_0049 2014-08-11_0050 2014-08-11_0051 2014-08-11_0052 2014-08-11_0053 2014-08-11_0018 2014-08-11_0019 2014-08-11_0020 2014-08-11_0021 2014-08-11_0022 2014-08-11_0023 2014-08-11_0024 2014-08-11_0025 2014-08-11_0026 2014-08-11_0027 2014-08-11_0028 2014-08-11_0029 2014-08-11_0030 2014-08-11_0031 2014-08-11_0032 2014-08-11_0033

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