Baby Olivia { Southern Maryland Newborn Photography }

I have been so lucky to capture some awesome moments for this family, their engagement, wedding, pregnancy and now their sweet little girl Olivia. I felt so lucky to be able to spend the evening with them again. Laura was glowing a completely different glow from her maternity shoot.  I think most of Moms felt the same way with the arrival of their first. The amazing magic of true absolute unconditional love…it makes you radiate happiness even when sleep deprived (new moms you may not feel this way yourself, I sure as heck didn’t while I was going through it, but everyone notices it ). We were lucky enough to use the same location as their engagement session, its a  privately owned perfect historic home …with a really bad mosquito problem…seriously I think  its the origin of all mosquitoes in Southern Maryland. You should have seen us fanning them away…none of us cared as long as Olivia was bite free. Olivia was so content easy to photograph right from the start…this never ever happens for me btw, normally I do the whole session and I’m able to get a few “posed” shots in the end. I like a mix at my sessions a little bit of lifestyle a little magic. Hope you enjoy! ** Just a quick note, some shots are composite shots parents always keep a hand on baby for safety***2014-09-18_0023 2014-09-18_0026 2014-09-18_0022

2014-09-19_0004 2014-09-19_0005 2014-09-19_0006 2014-09-19_0007 2014-09-19_0008 2014-09-19_0003   2014-09-19_0002

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