Wow some big changes coming soon!

So its been a big year for me here, and as my focus deepens into Seniors I realize I have to let somethings go (wow that’s hard to do). I may have said this a million times but I love my Seniors, I love the energy of a Senior session. So some big changes are in order and I’m not ready to tell you yet but soon January 1st …hahahaha.. There is lots to do before I let everyone in on the changes, I’ve been working on new branding (which may be the death of me) new website, a catalog of products. I released a quick one but its not the final. Working on a studio …now thats big right? I have no clue how long thats going to take but I hope  it will be ready this February, but don’t tell my Hubby I said that he has a ton to do, and may think I’m crazy. I’m working on some great things for my 2016 Reps, who will be announced the same day as the new website. I’m also working to find ways to make my Senior clients have an amazing experience. If anything this year has taught me its to chase my dreams. I’m so thankful for all the support, from my amazing Reps to my awesome friends and family, I couldn’t ask for a better support team! I know I haven’t posted much to the blog but that’s because behind the scenes, I’m working on some really big things. cropped-trackstertimeline.jpg



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