2016 Model Rep Layke :: Great Mills Highschool Senior Portraits :

I had a great time in Leonardtown getting to know all my reps, Laykes session is the last you’ll see from there. Most where taken all on the same busy weekend, so you’ll see snow still on the ground…thank goodness spring has arrived. Like my other two guy Reps, Layke keeps busy with sports, he’s kind of a quite guy but I suspect he’ll warm up and not always look surprised that I have a camera in his face (just teasing).  I’m so impressed with all my guys this year…and so lucky that they are going to give me the opportunity to work on my sports photography (Big Plans, learning curve). You’ll be seeing more of Layke in June, after their styled session. I can’t wait to get this group together, after meeting all of them its sure to be fun!

2015-04-15_0001 2015-04-15_0002 2015-04-15_0003

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