Alissa |Senior 2016| Great Mills High School :: Southern Maryland Senior Photographer ::

Its been an amazing fall and the more Seniors I photograph, the more I know that I made the choice to specialize in HS Senior Portraits. Its not easy in the Autumn to get a blog post out, but I thought I’d start sharing some of the amazing sessions from this Fall.

Alissa is a Senior at Great Mills High School, she was so fun to work with I even did a random selfie with her and one of the amazingly talented HMUA from Bobby Pins & Blush  ( Kristen I’m talking about you here ! ) …Why is this a big deal? Its not,  but for me to want be in a picture, you know a session went great. I hide behind the camera for a reason! Alissa really was so fun to shoot. She rocked her posing and was up for using one of the style closet dresses I had been wanting to use for so long! THANK YOU!


2015-12-07_0001 2015-12-07_0002 2015-12-07_0003 2015-12-07_0004 2015-12-07_0005

For Alissa’s session we headed down to the St Marys welcome centering Charlotte Hall, its such a great location so many great little spots to change up the look of her session. Southern Maryland has so many great  spots, and for Alissa this location was it !  2015-12-07_0006

2015-12-07_0007 2015-12-07_0008 2015-12-07_0012 2015-12-07_00132015-12-07_00052015-12-07_00042015-12-07_00032015-12-07_0002I have so much planned already for the class of 2017, New session offerings, fun styled sessions, and a whole new class of reps I can’t wait to welcome! Thanks for making this the most amazingly busy, hectic, fun  Fall,  Class of 2016 YOU ARE AMAZING!

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