Ashley| Senior 2016 | Chopticon

Ashley originally wanted a city shoot and somehow that morphed into a fun beachy shoot so we took to my go to beach in Leonardtown, and had some really great light and beautiful weather.   Its been a few weeks since we’ve talked but congratulations on getting your drivers license! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful young lady.

2015-12-08_0003Ashley’s session was so fun ! She did her hair and make-up on her own and she really did a great job. Her session was well thought out we met in the studio to go through her wardrobe about a week beforehand.  When you book early it allows us time to plan your session for a seemless day. I’m pretty sure thats when we went from City to Beach… everything screamed beach to me. She also used some great items from the style closet. An eyelet dress, bangle bracelets and a vintage wooden necklace…some of my favorite pieces. We also used a vintage chair from the studio, each year I add new items and I have a ton of great pieces I’ll be introducing for the class of 2017! 2015-12-08_0015newloxdgo2015-12-08_00052015-12-08_00062015-12-08_0008newloxdgo2015-12-08_00092015-12-08_00042015-12-08_0007newloxdgo2015-12-08_00112015-12-08_00132015-12-08_00142015-12-08_00102015-12-08_00022015-12-08_0001




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