Baby Theo Maryland Newborn session

When your contacted by another photographer to shoot their newborn session its kind of an honor. I’m so glad that they did contact me too. See each year around this time I evaluate myself, my work, my growth and where I need to grow..what I love about what I’m doing and what I feel I am missing.  You all know I love I mean LOVE my seniors, but what I’ve found out about myself over this year is that emotion pulls me in weather it be a wedding, newborn or one of my seniors goofing off at a family mini session (Kieth) . Those true moments are so honest, so amazingly simple and perfect.  Baby Theo’s session reminded me of how I miss this that sometimes. This doesn’t mean I’m jumping into newborns next year  (though I may take a few more lifestyle newborn sessions), what it does mean is that I want to pull more of that out in my HS seniors. Sure I still want those super glam poses and gorgeous close-ups but I want to add a bit more life, maybe more behind the scenes of mom and daughters goofing off or something, but just a bit more lifestyle. 

Now back to Baby Theo…who graced us with his presence this summer and I likely blogged on the blog that I used all this year and despised for crunching my images and making  everything look so bad, that  I stopped blogging.

When I arrive at a newborn session I’m so excited and nervous, I love babies but until I was a mom was way to scared to hold one, now I’m just nervous I will get that baby itch again. Those first few days are the most amazing moments of your life. Especially whenMom and Dad both get to be home alone and they start getting into the grove of becoming parents. I watched as this couple shared their routine and I was so honored to capture it. Daddy strumming his guitar, and Mom just so relaxed and at ease. It was so beautiful.


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