Senior Lacie, Leonardtown High School

Lacie is a lovely young lady, she’s a Senior at Leonardtown High School. Lacie knew what she wanted from the beginning. There where a few spots we just had to include to make the session completely her!Seniorlacie_0003.jpgSeniorlacie_0002.jpgSeniorlacie_0005Seniorlacie_0004Seniorlacie_0006Seniorlacie_0007

I love that I was able to capture her portraits in her favorite places. Our first stop was this perfect long driveway lined with the most gorgeous fall color it really could not have been prettier!  Then we headed to Chaptico for the rest of her shoot. I had heard about The Mill, from various people in Southern Maryland, my husband has even been their, to listen and play music with friends. I had never been and I was so excited when I realized exactly where we where going. I love older buildings, I love character, and the Mill did not disappoint. Southern Maryland is filled with old grey tobacco barns and I love them, but this was a nice switch from the norm. The Mill has this fantastic back porch and though the inside is small its perfect. I was in love with the old windows and how the light was just peeking through like a scene from a movie.   Lacie was easy to pose and full of smiles willing to try some different poses, and I love how she owned her shoot.  I had a blast getting to know her and her mom and was so excited to finally edit this session last week.Seniorlacie_0014Seniorlacie_0015Seniorlacie_0008Seniorlacie_0010Seniorlacie_0011Seniorlacie_0016Seniorlacie_0013Seniorlacie_0009Seniorlacie_0017Seniorlacie_0018


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