Welcome 2016 ! A senior editorial

I thought tonight would be a perfect way to close out the year and welcome 2016. Special thanks to Kristen and Sarah at Bobby Pins & Blush and Vogels Flowers and Tuxedo rentals for helping me make this shoot happen, and to the awesome guy at CVS at the National Harbor for helping Paige and I fill up those gigantic balloons ! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!Seniorlacie_0033Seniorlacie_0024Seniorlacie_0026Seniorlacie_0025Seniorlacie_0074Seniorlacie_0039Seniorlacie_0051Seniorlacie_0064Seniorlacie_0047Seniorlacie_0041Seniorlacie_0035Seniorlacie_0042Seniorlacie_0068Seniorlacie_0038Seniorlacie_0040Seniorlacie_0045Seniorlacie_0036Seniorlacie_0060Seniorlacie_0030Seniorlacie_0075Seniorlacie_0032Seniorlacie_0065Seniorlacie_0055Seniorlacie_0069Seniorlacie_0046Seniorlacie_0059Seniorlacie_0061Seniorlacie_0054Seniorlacie_0052Seniorlacie_0070Seniorlacie_0027Seniorlacie_0057Seniorlacie_0049Seniorlacie_0062Seniorlacie_0031Seniorlacie_0071Seniorlacie_0034Seniorlacie_0043Seniorlacie_0063Seniorlacie_0067

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