Finding Joy …my 3 Business and personal goals for 2016


I don’t know about you but I gave up on New Years resolutions in my 20’s …I just don’t have the follow through.

But this year I’m not making a resolution I’m setting goals. I’ve been challenged to do this but honestly its so great to take a deep account of what is lacking and what needs improving. Its not always easy to look at your business model and say this isn’t working ( especially when you are your business).

2015 was a challenging year for me, I had moments where my physical health was a concern (still is but I have a much better outlook on it). I lost My Grandmother and a dear old friend. But I gained so much, I have been so blessed that during all I was struggling with emotionally, to have the support of my creative community. From kind words to offers to help me edit and get things done. It was amazing to know that the friends I had made within the community where so real. I had a church family and my Husband praying for me and supporting me too. Not to mention the lovely ladies who covered my HS Group classes so many times.  With all these people caring for you how could you not find joy?

Business Goals.

  1. Create a client experience that not only is amazing but truly shares with my clients how much they mean to me.

     2. Empower my HS Seniors to love who they are, be comfortable in their own skin and likewise share that with others.

     3. Create a workflow that, is possible for my life and keeps me on track for fast delivery to clients without me staying up till 2 AM !

Oh the first goal, I don’t think I’m always able to do everything I want to accomplish for my clients. I day dream of finding magical extra time in the day to order special prints as a surprise etc, but honestly I never find the time. So I had to look deep into the business and see what was causing the hold up. Its my inability to say no…huh? Yes I say yes to many sessions I shouldn’t, because I’m already way too busy with my current clients at certain times of the year. The cause of this is the comparison monster. I compare myself to fellow photographer way to often…am I as busy as them?  I need to stop that, firstly because I am not them and secondly because this is a major road block in creating a great client experience. To help me say no, I’m going to have a certain number of session openings each month, when they are full…I can offer another date or refer a client out. That way I’m never too busy to create a  awesome client experience.2015-12-08_0016

Am I writing too much …yes! So My HS Seniors, I have known they are my favorite clients to work with. I love when I get to see the look on the face when they see their images and feel beautiful. But more than that I want them to know that they are valuable, and beautiful even with their imperfections. I know for me at least HS was not any easy time in my own skin. I want my mostly young ladies to love their imperfections and differences and see that beauty is so much more that what society proclaims it to be. My question for my 2017 Models was, “What does beauty mean to you?” I was so impressed with the answers I got and I think I’m lucky to have a great group of young ladies. You might not know this but I never look at the applicants social media or ask for a picture until I’ve chosen who will represent CSP. I think choosing them based on merit and so much better.

Editing the bane of my existence, I have decided to actually hire or train someone to help edit. I’m controlling so each image will have to be just like my style or I don’t think it will work out… any applicant for this position?  Also as I said before I will be taking a limited number of sessions . But for the majority I think I will change how the proofing is done for my HS seniors. I created a entire little magazine just about ordering and proofing to help my clients know what to expect.

Personal goals

1. Finding joy and sharing it.

2. Loving my children well, spending more quality time with them.

3. Making so time for me to destress. 

Finding joy is not easy for me I tend toward the negative, I can be a bit draining and I know that. This year my #1 goal is to see the positive enjoy the little things and choose to be joyful. I really feel its a choice in many situations. Last year I was so lucky to be surrounded by happy and fun influences in my life and I am going to continue to surround myself with positive people, and likewise encourage the people around me.

My babies, they bare the brunt of our busy days. The mornings often start off stressful, everyones hungry and needs me and I pretty much break down by 10 am . To help create a better environment I’m making breakfast like quiche to keep in the fridge to cut back on the morning stress and making it a point to direct their behavior toward something positive. Changing the pattern of our days will help cut back on the whining and possibly making everyone happier. I’m also creating a space for school and play downstairs that will help give everyone room to breath because we are kind of like sardines right now. 

Lastly time to breathe, weather its driving by myself blasting Adele, or painting after the kids go to bed I need to allow time for me to unwind.


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