Senior Rachel 2016 :: Southern Maryland Senior Photographer::

So I may or may not have made a large group of people walk nearly a mile to my favorite Southern Maryland beach. Ok I admit… I did it. I’m the crazy lady that will make her clients work to get the best shots, but we have fun doing it! Kristen Stewart from the amazing artists at Bobby Pins & Blush Rocked out Rachel’s H&MU.  They always do such an amazing job, even after carting their gear into the middle of nowhere ! Thanks Kristen for always being a good sport.Seniorlacie_0090Seniorlacie_0084Seniorlacie_0080Rachel brought her cousin and best friend with her to her session. It was so much fun to see these girls really enjoying themselves and having a blast hanging out together! Seniorlacie_0085Seniorlacie_0081Ok so I may bein love witha pile of drift wood! You can be sure that I will be making a few 2017 seniors down to my secret Southern Maryland beach….Seniorlacie_0083Seniorlacie_0094Seniorlacie_0082Seniorlacie_0093Seniorlacie_0086Seniorlacie_0079Seniorlacie_0092Seniorlacie_0095Seniorlacie_0091Seniorlacie_0087Seniorlacie_0088With Graduation right around the corner now, I’m excited to see what the future holds for Rachel. She truly is an exeptional young lady ! Seniorlacie_0089

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