Introducing the 2016 Product line

I have scoured, seriously searched for the best hand made and affordable  heirloom quality products  for the last 6 months. I never set out to sell product, sure I could hand you a USB and you can go and print anywhere, and that works for some people. But if you are anything like me those images will sit on the USB. Not because you don’t want to print them but because you don’t know where to start. What products are quality.  I found two amazing companies that had exactly what I wanted, Red Tree Albums , and I went across the pond to Folio Albums check out how passionate they are about their product, !

Why I now offer print product and highly encourage printing.

Last Autumn I lost the dearest person in my life. I will never see her again ever, I’ll never hold her hand or hear her say my name, and that hurts deeply. However my Grandmother throughout her life adored pictures. She preserved those memories for me. I can look back and see her as a teenager in a photo booth in the 30’s, on the beach with her sisters ” The New Milford Chick’s” as she would say. I can look at her and my Grandfather dancing or as she got older at her dancing with me,  her gigantic smile when all her Grandchildren where visiting . I have that, I have the ability to go anytime and see her beautiful smile. There is something in a printed image that a digital image can’t quite do.  In ten years your USB will be lost technology and in in 30 years those valuable images will have faded from everyones mind.

That is why I decided to start offering product. I want to preserve your memories and help guide you to the right product to do so.

One of my Favorite products is the Matted  Folio Albums, they are just so classic feeling and timeless and I love that I can get them in such beautiful fabrics and colors.  They are 6×8 albums so they are not huge but they demand attention . redtreealbums07redtreealbums16

The Matted folio Albums are great if you are not looking for a traditional lay flat Album and to be honest I think I need one in every color…

Its a tie between the Matted folio Album and a 10×10 or 8×8 Matted album for me. I love them both,  but the large  Matted Album will be my go to for Luxe sessions and Weddings.

Matted Album_003Matted Album_002Matted Album_001

and yes there are photo cover options too!  I love the lay flat albums still and  RedTree has a gorgeous one! redtreealbums32redtreealbums33

When I decided to look for new products I was overwhelmed, how do I narrow down what to offer?  It came down to relevancy for you my clients, ease of use and most importantly quality of product.

Lets talk folio’s. I offer Image folios from my favorite lab (Bay Photo)  with photo covers, and I do love them. But I was looking to offer something that had more classic appeal to it without being a typical black leather.  I found I really like the 2 page folios for Grandparents gifts. They are a bit more sophisticated and timeless and fill a gap for gift ideas or desk display.  Portfolios_002Portfolios_003Portfolios_001redtreealbums14redtreealbums13.jpg  Lastly, one item I will beg you to get, and I have included it in almost every print collection I have to offer,  is a proof box.  They hold 100 4×6 prints , they can be embossed with name and grad year for seniors. Its a great way to make sure that you’ll have those images at hand when you want them & that they will be cherished and protected for the next generation.  I love that you can have the images Matted  ( 1o to a box )  wat a great way to display your images check out that stand! print_boxes_001print_boxes_003print_boxes_002print_boxes_005

Seriously I love these items, and really feel you will too. Let me know what you think !

Smiles – Alycia


4 thoughts on “Introducing the 2016 Product line

  1. My daughter alyssa is a senior at laplata and is super beautiful and is one of the most photogentic young ladies I have ever seen… and I don’t just say that cause she is my daughter, I say that because every time I post a picture of her I get millions of responses talking about how she should be a model and how amazingly stunning she is.. so if you ever need anybody to do a session for you for your web page or something like that please feel free to email me you can also pull me up on Facebook or Instagram by my name to check out some of aLyssa pictures or pull her up.. I believe you know my mother carol krause, and alyssa is her grandaughter.. she also takes beautiful sports pictures. ..


    1. She is a beautiful young lady, I’ve seen images on her page, however to be fair I only accept model applications October of a student JR year, if I do a styled session I will definitely keep her in mind though.I’m always full of ideas!


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