Sydney Senior 2016 Chopticon

I really am lucky to have a job that allows me to get to know,  people like Sydney! Over the last year, she has been in front of my lens so many times. From her first session to now I have never ceased being impressed with her attitude.  Her family is a blast to be arround so I’m kind of sad that I won’t have an excuse to go hang out with them.  So its was no surprise that when it came to her official senior session this fall that it was full of laughs, despite the horrid cold weather.  After a very early wake up call,  with  Kristen from Bobby Pins & Blush, who is always willing to accommodate  my crazy times and ideas. Our first stop was Bowles Farm,which if you have never been to in the fall, you need to make part of your Southern Maryland tradition. My kids adore it ! Once we where finished playing in the straw pit, and corn maze, we headed down to Sotterly Plantation, another great location for some family time.  Sydney as always was full of smiles and humor, lots of sarcasm, which is the language I speak.

walkerstompedprooof_0391 walkerstompedprooof_0376walkerstompedprooof_0379 walkerstompedprooof_0377 walkerstompedprooof_0378 walkerstompedprooof_0389Sotterly Plantation  Hollywood maryland senior session 2016 walkerstompedprooof_0380walkerstompedprooof_0388 walkerstompedprooof_0382 

Her cheer pictures where actually taken a completely different day and what you don’t see is my three kids using her as a playground. The day we did her cheer shoot I had just lost my Gram and she really helped me keep my head up. I am so thankful for the people that shine a bright light into my life, and Sydney and her family do exactly that.

walkerstompedprooof_0384 walkerstompedprooof_0385walkerstompedprooof_0383 walkerstompedprooof_0393 walkerstompedprooof_0394 walkerstompedprooof_0395walkerstompedprooof_0387walkerstompedprooof_0386walkerstompedprooof_0396

Sydney is a Senior at Chopticon High School, and is planning on being my children personal pediatrician! Thanks Sydney for all that you did this year, I am truly a better person for knowing you and am so excited to see what the future hold for you. Keep up the hard work and keep in touch!


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