Senior Megan St Marys Ryken 2016

Ok so if you can’t tell that I am amazingly behind on blog posts, this should make it obvious.

Megan is a Senior at St Marys Ryken and she was one of my most relaxed and laid back Senior’s from 2016. She brought her dog with her, which I strongly encourage. Your senior sessions are meant to capture who you are at this turning point in your life. I want that to include the things you love. I want you to be able in 20 years to look back and see that these images captured you in three ways. Who you are, what you loved and you having fun. I don’t wan’t to be the senior photographer that only wants you to be all dolled up. I want to see you differently through your session.  Yes I highly encourage hair and make-up, but the Artists I chose to work with are trained to see what the camera does, that doesn’t mean you’ll not look like you…unless of course its for the fun of it.  It means they are going to enhance your natural beauty and  its my job to bring out your personality in shots.   Megan took my advice to heart she came prepped with great outfits. Her first choice a more fun black shirt and jeans, her second a comfy yet stylish top and some cute jean shorts, a fun outfit that was not her norm but something she could have fun wearing and lastly  she rocked formal gown at sunset!  I loved that we got the chance to capture her with her sweet dog and they are some of my favorite from the shoot. You can see how relaxed and real she is and I just love that!

We took to my favorite not so secret anymore beach in Leonardtown for her session and it really was the perfect location!

Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0436Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0427Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0434Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0432Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0431Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0433Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0430Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0429Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0428Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0439Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0438Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0448Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0442Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0443Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0446Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0444Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0450Southern Maryland senior Megan 2016_0452

It was so great to finish the session at sunset. it was just beautiful !


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