Gabrielle Senior Model 2017 : Styled Marie Antoinette Shoot

I get crazy ideas in my head, sometimes those ideas actually get the chance to become reality.   I love period themed shoots, I’m a closet History dork so I guess its my way of brining that into my art. Some shoots I do for advertising, others are purely to grow as an artist to do something for me. This was one of those shoots, that I purely just had to do once I found out that Jenny Rose from BP&B was also very into Historical styling and an amazing Seamstress. Jenny Rose is one of the Elite Make-up Artists at Bobby Pins and Blush. They do all the hair and make-up for my HS Seniors. My Seniors love them so much that they make sure to book them for all their special events. I love knowing that I have an amazing team of Talented artists I can rely on.  I’m also lucky to have my Model team be willing to indulge my crazy Ideas!  This shoot was amazing! Jenny Rose used period correct products, and it was incredible to hear everything she knew about the period. I just really had a great time, and I’m so thankful for everyone who helped bring it together .

Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0516

So we started at my home studio in Charlotte Hall and really I had thought we would do it all there but I just love shooting everything outside so we headed to one of my favorite places to finish up. Poor Gabrielle her hair was so high she had to lay the seat almost all the way back. We definitely got looks, and even had someone ask us to take pictures at their house. It really was fun.Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0484Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0515DSC_7514.jpgLaplata high senior 2016 madison_0491Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0492Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0485Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0508Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0490Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0507Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0505Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0503Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0502Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0500Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0498Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0499Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0509Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0497Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0496Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0493Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0495

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