A late intro….the 2017 Senior Model Team Southern :: Maryland Senior Portraits

Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0525Is it me or did this winter go on and on and on…and tonight I kind of feel it hasn’t completely left yet. I thought we would never get to all my awesome planned styled sessions with my new model team.  So I threw out all my hard work and started from scratch ( not really we will just do all that stuff this summer! ). I was anxious to finally meet my new team. So what is a photographer to do when the weather will not cooperate with what you have in your mind? Get creative, lucky for me Bobby Pins & Blush always has my back for my last minute craziness.  I was also so lucky to get in touch with Janice at Serendipity Bridal and Events. I needed to make my new vision come to life….and I was dying to meet the new team.   Sarah Lytle and Kristen Stewart  from  BP&B  brought the look together with their wicked makeup ninja skills. I can’t say enough good things about them! Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0519So if you’ve been in the studio you know its tiny less than 200 square feet and fitting 6 girls, 2 stylists Moms and Me in that place is a tight fit. I had a great time getting to know these 4 girls and I’m excited to start planning our summer styled sessions.  SO here you go the 2017 Model team !Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0528Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0518Side note: Have you had the chance to go into Serendipity, I won’t lie I was planning my vow renewal the second I saw their gowns. Then when I went to the Prom dresses I really was impressed. They where amazing.  The dresses are insane!

Make sure to follow w the model team on IG  for updates and sales that only my models can get you !

This is Emily. Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0537Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0538Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0543Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0539

Elaine.Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0533Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0545Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0524Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0522Sometimes I really love the editorial look! Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0521Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0520Jolie.Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0534Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0547Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0531Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0526Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0527and Last but not least Kara!Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0544Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0541Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0535Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0540Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0536Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0542Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0546 I had such a good time with all these ladies. Thank you all for coming out and being apart of the 2017 rep team. Looking forward to the next shoot!



One thought on “A late intro….the 2017 Senior Model Team Southern :: Maryland Senior Portraits

  1. They are all gorgeous. My favorite shot is the black and white of Elaine with her hands on her neck. WOW! The black and white profile is also spectacular!


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