Gatsby Southern Maryland Senior Styled Session

This is Alexis, does she look familiar? She should she has already been in front of my lens for a sweet sixteen shoot and two ballet shoots. The camera LOVES her ! Alexis is one of  my Chopticon Senior Models for 2017.  I can’t gush over the dresses from this shoot enough. Serendipity Bridal and Events  provided me with some really great pieces for this shoot, and it was so hard to decide which to use. I really want to stress  for you all to go follow their page or follow them on IG. I know they have a really great Ambassador program for Prom so you really need to follow them so you don’t miss the announcement for that this coming year!  BP&B was as always my go to Make up team.  I always get asked for their info for prom so go follow their page so you can keep up to date. gatbystyledseniorsession_0564gatbystyledseniorsession_0566gatbystyledseniorsession_0568gatbystyledseniorsession_0567gatbystyledseniorsession_0565gatbystyledseniorsession_0573Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0562Laplata high senior 2016 madison_0563gatbystyledseniorsession_0570gatbystyledseniorsession_0572gatbystyledseniorsession_0571

This is Madison I’m so excited to finally get to introduce her . She will be one of my Models from La Plata this year! She fell right into the role of model infant of the camera, and transformed well into a 1920’s heiress!gatbystyledseniorsession_0575gatbystyledseniorsession_0574gatbystyledseniorsession_0576gatbystyledseniorsession_0577gatbystyledseniorsession_0578gatbystyledseniorsession_0581gatbystyledseniorsession_0579gatbystyledseniorsession_0580gatbystyledseniorsession_0582gatbystyledseniorsession_0583gatbystyledseniorsession_0584

Check IG later this weekend for a really great offer.

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