Chaptico Wood :: Local Craftsman Eric Benson


Those gorgeous frames, ever wonder about the person who hand crafts the frames I offer ?  I can’t say I’m a stranger to Eric’s work, I’ve been lucky to have been able to call this gifted guy my friend for quite some time now!  I don’t know exactly how I convinced him to make frames for me, but I did and now you get local, hand made frames ! EEEKKKKK! Now that being said I have always been curious about how it all comes together, about his work space and  you know, since he’s a friend so I am always curious about his other projects. Especially the cool ones like the Bar for Mt. Vernon….yep the Bar at George Washington’s home. Now you don’t have to be in love with history to think thats awesome. So one Sunday me and the Family headed over to the  Chaptico Woods workshop to see how the magic happens.gatbystyledseniorsession_0598gatbystyledseniorsession_0599gatbystyledseniorsession_0608gatbystyledseniorsession_0597gatbystyledseniorsession_0590gatbystyledseniorsession_0606gatbystyledseniorsession_0594gatbystyledseniorsession_0591gatbystyledseniorsession_0593gatbystyledseniorsession_0604gatbystyledseniorsession_0585gatbystyledseniorsession_0607gatbystyledseniorsession_0587gatbystyledseniorsession_0607gatbystyledseniorsession_0614gatbystyledseniorsession_0598gatbystyledseniorsession_0595gatbystyledseniorsession_0616gatbystyledseniorsession_0610gatbystyledseniorsession_0602gatbystyledseniorsession_0612gatbystyledseniorsession_0589gatbystyledseniorsession_0588

I loved getting to peek around his works space, and see all the different steps it takes to hand craft your frames. Hope you enjoyed a little peek into how your frames are made!  gatbystyledseniorsession_0611gatbystyledseniorsession_0605


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