Meghan Southern Maryland Senior 2016

Meghan and her sister made my job easy and fun. I loved how they cracked jokes giggled and really just where laid back. All that fun made it really hard to choose my favorites for her Blog post.  I’m going to be keeping the writing short here since I’m so behind on blogging.

Meghan Is headed of to the University of Florida in August ! Go Gators!  Her session was a blast, we got in the woods and then headed to my favorite Southern Maryland Beach to finish up. Congratulations Meghan ! poolshoot2016_0817poolshoot2016_0818poolshoot2016_0821Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0024Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0009Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0007Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0011Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0012Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0013Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0014Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0002Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0021Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0005Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0003Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0001Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0006Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0022Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0023Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0015Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0020Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0016Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0019Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0017Meghansouthernmarylandseniorsession_0018

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