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Each year I try and simplify. I aim to make it easier on myself and my clients. After each Graduating class I send out questionnaires on how I can improve the experience. Last year my clients really couldn’t find the time to make an album or order prints, end of senior year business made it almost impossible for them. I was practically begged to offer help and I loved to do it. The problem? I didn’t really know what was out there, I mean its kind of overwhelming even for me. I set off on an almost year long journey of choosing the highest quality products for each price point. This was no easy task. I had visions of the perfect folio or album but these did not exist in the US, I would find them in the AU or UK sometimes even Russia…so what did I do?  I started working on getting new accounts with suppliers/boutique labs in and out of country to put together a great new product line for my seniors. See how much I love you!? All this in the midst of a very heavy senior season. I’m excited to share it with you as soon as I re-open the Studio showroom this fall.

A simple comment on FB made me realize that you may need to know a bit more about the how I do my senior sessions, why choosing CSP isn’t like any other photographer and it really is centralized on helping you get the most out of your senior portraits.

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The sessions.

First of all I’m open about my pricing, its all over the place my website, blog…the magazine. I hate waiting to find out cost so I’m pretty upfront. That being said often things are tweaked. Luxe and Glam offer hair and make-up and some people choose to add it to their light sessions for an additional fee or remove it from the Luxe and Glam sessions. I’m flexible on those things.


  1. The Session fee, does that include digital files?

No, it covers my time, and The HMUA fee. $100-$150

No I don’t make $100 an hour, someone told me that once and I almost fell over laughing. Truth is a lot of that fee covers what you don’t see. So heres a little break down.

1 hr session planning, location scouting, wardrobe advice .

30min-1hr emailing, scheduling

1-2hr travel time

1-2 hrs of Session time

Equipment ( camera equipment/gear is expensive and needs updating somewhat often )

2-4hr Editing / Culling . I use high end skin re-touching techniques for my HS Seniors, I don’t do this at every portrait session only for my seniors. This takes a good amount of time but believe me its worth it . I don’t want you to look retouched, but I certainly want you to look your best, so if you have a breakout no worries, don’t stress it.

Storage,  I archive all my sessions for 1 year  and also keep 2 back up drives with your session on it for extra security.

Your also paying for my creativity & my skill and I truly hope your choosing me because you like my talent. I spend weeks each year keeping up with new techniques & educating myself so that my end product is something you will cherish forever. I focus on HS Seniors because thats what I love to shoot, I specialize, I put my energy into making your experience amazing. I focus on learning new ways on making you relax and techniques to make your pose look like it just happened instead of it looking awkward.

All the odds and ends. Packaging, USB’s Editing software etc.

Oh and then theres Taxes, fee’s  (CCRD).

So thats a rough breakdown but as you can see theres a lot that goes into that 1 hr session.


Senior Portraits magazine 2017_0050

Why I do in person proofing…?  It started with a request from a Mom and a Senior who just couldn’t choose. We set up a TV in the studio hooked up my computer and started rating the images . The process made picking her favorites so much easier. Then we used that same system to decide on what she wanted in the album. I guided her to what prints would look best on canvas and the best images for Grandparents gifts. I had no samples at the time, but now its even better because you can see samples. I don’t know about you but actually seeing something before I buy it makes me feel a whole lot better.

2. Whats proofing? How does that work? Can I buy just digitals?

The was the way to do things before digital took over. I now order select  proofs of your images so you can actually see them in print. Its so much more fun to actually see things in print.

Yes, you can purchase digitals only!

For Digital packages I only offer online proofing.

After your session you will be sent a gallery of roughly 70 images from your session, starting this year they are fully edited at the time you see them. This is when you choose if you would like a Print or Digital Collection. I highly encourage a print package, because 9 times out of 10 those images will sit on a USB and collect dust. Life gets busy the USB gets lost and you just forget about it.

If you choose a print package ( I want you to forget about your online gallery ). I’ll have you  come into the Studio and we will sit down to a big screen and view your images. We will rate them and choose what items should go into an album and what images will look great on your wall and for gifts. I like helping make it easier on you.

Print packages can expect 1-2 months for delivery. Since I design each album and all my frames are hand made in Chaptico, by Chaptico Wood, your order is custom and care is taken to make sure its perfect!

Your digital file will be available with in 3 days after proofing.


Have a Question ? Email me or txt it to me 301.751.7129 I’ll be taking Q&A all week !




Some great new product for the class of 2017


Ripped edge prints ! I Love these ! From Loktah. (not my image)

prod_standard-sized_giclee-fine-art-prints_144376Senior Portraits magazine 2017_0047





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