Q&A Part 2 :: The CSP senior Experience::

The options can be overwhelming I know.


1.We really want to get a prink package, do I have to pay for it all up front?

Actually only 50% is due up front, once its off to the Lab the other have is due. However I do take payment plans up to 6 payments. But all payments must be made before product is delivered.

2. If  I choose a print package do I still get digitals, can I re print anywhere?

Yes, all print packages come with digital files. I give almost 75% off the cost of digitals when you buy prints. Yep thats right…I give steep discounts and make less on my end when you print….why would I do that? Because I want you to order prints.  Last year I realized when my Grandma passed away that my memories and pictures where all I was left with to remember her. But lucky for me my Grandmother loved pictures and I am blessed with so many images of my childhood, of her, of my cousins and Aunts and Uncles. If you don’t print your images will sit on a dusty USB and likely never be seen by the next generation, that may not mean a ton to you now, but someday it may. What if that technology is outdated and you can even get to the files in 10 years. So I strongly encourage prints. Almost all my collections come with print boxes. Giving you  at-least a 4×6 of all your images printed. I really hope that someday that will be a blessing to you and your family.


I have an all new product catalog coming out soon and I can’t wait to share it with you. Heres some off my favorite new products. Here are the three albums I will be offering.

$ Timeless Matted Album no color choice or imprinting available  $100  10 imagesaf0a602e3eb7afac77c948626d5274fc-1.image.370x370


$$ The Modern Matted Album. $175.00 10 images  imprinting available, great selection on cover colors.



$$$ Lay flat Modern Album 8×8 $260-$300  lay flat pages, photo cover. I customize each album, and we can fit your entire session in.



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