Olivia Senior 2017 :: Southern Maryland Senior Photographer::

I have been waiting to share this session with you forever. I have been so blessed by knowing this young lady and her mother! I first captured them in a Mother daughter shoot a few years ago, and Olivia’s mom has been a constant encourager and prayer warrior in my life. Thank you ladies for your constant support, I value that more than you can ever know. Now with all that said and a few tears just shed, I was so excited for Olivia’s session! maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0050maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0049maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0042maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0052maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0060maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0038maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0039maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0043maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0034maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0036maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0033maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0028maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0032maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0045

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