Top 5 changes I will be making in my photography business in 2017 .

Each year we all make resolutions, or choose not to,  but the majority of us look in and see what changes we would like to make in ourselves, our homes and our families. For me, the business focus, and client experience is always on the forefront of those resolutions.  This year was insanely hectic, it seemed as though it flew by with out even a blink. My work life balance got completely out of whack, and never balanced. So this year I resolve to create a balance for my family and clients that keeps my clients happy and my family close. maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0120

01. So whats my number one biggest change?  I won’t be working many weekends,  except for select dates in Fall and Spring. I will be spending a lot more family time at home on the weekend. For the last 10 years I have worked most weekends. With my kids getting older, it just makes sense to reserve that time for my family.maryland-beach-senior-session-soouthern_0130

02. I’m going to be asking for more feedback. I really want my clients to have the best experience, and I can’t make that happen if I don’t ask you all what needs to change, what you like and what would make it better. I’ve already added 2 new packages to my line up!

03. Feed my creativity. I slacked in this department this past year…big time. I was so focused on getting things done that I lost momentum in this area of my life. I’m part of a 52 week project called soul depiction 52  on FB and IG . I’m already feeling inspired!

04. Connecting more, like real connection with real people. Putting down my phone and setting aside all my social media accounts for 2 times per week for updating! Real relationships are so much more satisfying don’t you think?

05. Giving back, I work with some of the most amazing  H.S. Seniors. Every year I want to get together with them and do something small to give back. This year we are doing a sole hope party . I’m so excited to get a chance to get to know my 2018 senior models and give back at the same time.

So what are your plans for 2017? How are you going to make them happen? If your a creative are you apart of The Rising Tide Society? I couldn’t ask for a better group of creatives to help me strive and thrive!

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