Michayla Senior 2017, Southern Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer.

Last spring I got the chance to shoot with this young lady.  She is so sweet and fun. She also has a fun laid back style!

For her session, we headed to Greenwell state park and it really turned out to be a fun session. Hair and makeup by Kristen Stewart of Kristen C. Artistry . Kristen does such amazing work. She keeps my clients looking themselves while highlighting their best features. I love working with her!

familyssession southern maryland_0048familyssession southern maryland_0043familyssession southern maryland_0068familyssession southern maryland_0074familyssession southern maryland_0075familyssession southern maryland_0054familyssession southern maryland_0121familyssession southern maryland_0052familyssession southern maryland_0053familyssession southern maryland_0102familyssession southern maryland_0087familyssession southern maryland_0088familyssession southern maryland_0120familyssession southern maryland_0091familyssession southern maryland_0109familyssession southern maryland_0065familyssession southern maryland_0060familyssession southern maryland_0130familyssession southern maryland_0132familyssession southern maryland_0131familyssession southern maryland_0113familyssession southern maryland_0112familyssession southern maryland_0115familyssession southern maryland_0117familyssession southern maryland_0119familyssession southern maryland_0135


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